Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Sewer Outfall Tender Notice


Fort Nelson WWTP Outfall Relocation

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality invites submissions for the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Outfall Relocation Construction. The work consists of:

  • Installation of approximately 1300 m of 600 mm diameter PVC sanitary line.
  • Installation of approximately 1100 m of 600 mm diameter HDPE sanitary line, 635 m of which to be installed by horizontal directionally drilling.
  • Installation of approximately 29 sanitary manholes.
  • Installation of approximately 115 m of 1067 mm diameter of augured steel casing pipe.
  • Installation of approximately 140 m of 250 mm diameter PVC water main.
  • Installation of ‘in-river’ diffuser system, complete with coffer dam sheet pile structure.
  • Tie-in to waste water treatment plant.
  • Installation of approximately 30 m of 2.4 m x 1.2 m precast concrete box culvert.
  • Associated site works and cast-in-place / precast concrete structures.

Contractors submitting a complete bid must ensure that they are placed as Registered Plan Holders on the official Bidders List by contacting Kerr Wood Leidal Associated Ltd. Contact is to be made by phone or email to: 

Kerr Wood Leidal
Mr. Kia Zharabi, P. Eng.
PHONE # 604-294-2088

Original tender documents for contractors submitting a bid must be obtained from BC Bid and may be viewed at the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality office at 5319 – 50th Avenue South, Fort Nelson, BC or at the Online Plan room of the BC Construction Association. Tender documents may also be obtained from Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.

All technical enquires should be directed via email to the Contract Administrator, Kia Zahrabi.
A mandatory pre-tender site meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 30, 2017. Tender enquires deadline is April 19, 2017 at 4:00 pm local time. The closing date for this project is Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 2:00 pm local time.

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