Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

2017 Spring Fling May 20-28

SPRING FLING is May 20-28!!!


Spring Fling is a municipally-sponsored program where residents can dispose of their garbage free of charge for one week in the Spring. The week selected is typically the week following (and including) Victoria Day weekend.

It is recognized that not everyone has the ability to dispose of larger items themselves, so in addition to free landfill for residents, we offer curbside pick-up. Should you need to dispose of appliances or furniture for example, those items can be placed at the end of your driveway for the Public Works Crew to pick-up.

These services are for residential refuse only. Commercial/Industrial disposal will be subject to regular landfill tipping rates.

This Year's Spring Fling  2017 Spring Fling Flyer [PDF - 467 KB]

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