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Thank You For Talking Trash With Us

FORT NELSON - The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality recently wrapped up the public consultation process regarding the update of the Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP). Residents of the Northern Rockies provided great feedback regarding the update of the SWMP; a regulatory document that outlines how the municipality will manage and dispose of solid waste over the next 25 years.

Tim Siemens was the winner of the grand prize Food Cycler indoor compost unit. The Food Cycler reduces kitchen scraps by up to 90% into a rich fertilizer amendment in less than 3 hours. A prize that will prevent food waste from entering the Northern Rockies landfill.Shawn Merwin and Glenn Skinner were also winners, taking home tumbling style backyard composters. The units convert kitchen and yard waste into a rich soil enhancing compost, which eliminates waste.The Northern Rockies is eager to move forward with waste diversion initiatives that best suit the needs of community members. 

For questions or information regarding the Draft Solid Waste Management Plan, contact:

Jacquie Biblow, Sustainability & Solid Waste Reduction Coordinator

250-774-2541 Ext. 2080

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