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Suspicious Fire on Community Trail


Suspicious Fire Reported on Community Trail


FORT NELSON - At 05:55 hours on May 5, 2016 a call was received by Northern Rockies Fire Rescue reporting smoke behind Gairdner Crescent in the vicinity of the Community Walking Trail.


Northern Rockies Fire Rescue responded and discovered a fire burning approximately 50 yards from the Gairdner Crescent access to the community trail.


Fire Chief Gord McCleary reported there was no evidence found at the scene to suggest the fire was caused by smoking materials. The fire is definitely suspicious in nature and the Northern Rockies RCMP have opened a case file on the incident.


“This is a very serious incident”, advised Chief McCleary. “It is despicable and inconceivable to think that someone would be so careless or deliberate in their actions with the current fire restrictions in place.


“Community wildfire protection is a responsibility we all share”, advised Mayor Bill Streeper on being apprised of the incident. “This fire is very disturbing especially when we see the devastation our neighbors in Alberta are currently experiencing.” “I ask all citizens to be especially careful right now to minimize the risk of a wildfire in our region.”


Please report any suspicious activities to the Northern Rockies RCMP at 774-2777. For reporting of smoke or fires, please call Northern Rockies Fire Rescue at 774-2222.

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