Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Public Notice: Oxeye Daisy-An Invasive Weed



Weed Awareness - Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisy is one of many invasive weeds found in our Municipality.  We are noticing this particular weed showing up more this year than we have in the past.  Although, some may think this plant is pretty and encourage its growth, it is actually not native to our area and has no natural enemies to limit their reproduction.  Invasive plants can produce significant changes to our natural area including its ecosystem function.


Should you see this plant in the Municipality, please report its location to Public Works at 250-774-2541 Ext. 2090, or if it is not on someone else’s private property, it can be hand pulled, bagged and placed in the garbage.

Identification: Oxeye daisy is a perennial with large daisy flowers that occur singly on 20-80 cm tall stems. The stalked basal leaves have an overall spoon shape, with lobes and large, rounded teeth. The similarly-shaped stem leaves become stalkless closer to the flower. Oxeye daisy produces a strong sage-like smell.

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