Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Fort Nelson River Bridge Construction Update




Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Project 37216

Highway 77 - Fort Nelson River Bridge
Progress Update - October 2016



Project Scope: Increase the safety, capacity, mobility and reliability of the Fort Nelson River Bridge by replacing the existing single lane Acrow and timber superstructure with a new two lane steel girder and concrete deck.



October 11 – Interior bay of deck stripped  



October 14 – Overview of the project site after first snow


Work Completed as of October 13, 2016:

  • Grading and paving complete except for final removal of detour approaches
  • Detour Road and Detour Bridge complete and in service
  • Fabrication complete for Deck Drains, Grout Cans and Parapet Covers, eight Deck Drains installed
  • Fabrication complete for Finger Joints, North Abutment Joint installed
  • Structural steel and bearings installed, minor touch paint required
  • Cast in Place deck completed from Sta.98+00 to 99+87, parapets cast to Sta.98+73 right and 99+30 left side
  • All foundation pile installations complete
  • Substructure concrete complete except for South Abutment deck joint blockout 

Anticipated work in the next month:

  • Continue with the curing of deck and parapet concrete
  • Complete formwork and place the parapet concrete from Sta.98+73 to 99+30 right side
  • Strip forms, including overhang brackets, and finish concrete surfaces on parapets
  • Reconfigure overhang brackets and start installing as formwork fromSta.100+20 south





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