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Looking to get a little extra firewood this winter?  The Northern Rockies Regional Council is providing an opportunity for residents to access the Community Trail to harvest deadfall timber for personal use on:


October 1st & 2nd

and October 8th & 9th  

10 am - 6 pm


All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and falling equipment (i.e. chainsaws) can be used to collect this timber, in accordance with established safety guidelines/legislation. 


To accommodate this event and ensure personal safety, the community trail will be closed to all pedestrian traffic from 10am-6pm on the days listed above.


Anyone wishing to participate in this opportunity is required to first sign a liability waiver, which can be obtained at the Municipal Offices in the Corporate Services department.  If you would like to pre-review this waiver, you can find a summary of it here.  Please note that there is no cost to participate in this opportunity. 


All participants must obey the following requirements:

  • Only deadfall timber located within the community trail area (see map here [PDF - 1.2 MB]) may be harvested.  Participants will not cut down any live trees.
  • The Community Trail will be open to ATVs for harvesting purposes only during this event.  Trucks and other motor vehicles are not permitted on the trail at any time.
  • All ATVs used on the Community Trail must be licensed and registered according to the Off Road Vehicle Act.
  • ATV’s must be parked on the side of the paved trail to allow for other users to pass by.
  • Any mess or debris created by the harvesting (especially on the paved trail itself) must be cleaned up prior to the participants leaving the area.
  • Individuals less than 19 years of age may assist in gathering timber but must not be operating any equipment.


If you have any questions about this opportunity:

Prior to the event:

Municipal Office Phone: 250-774-2541 extension 2032. 

During the event:

Recreation Department On-Call Phone: 250-774-2541 extension 2195

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