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Our province did the right thing when it gave the Pacific NorthWest LNG project the green light. Now, the federal government has an opportunity to do the same.

This project will create crucial infrastructure that is vital to the wellbeing of our province and our country. Will you ask the federal government to sign off on the environmental certificate for Pacific NorthWest LNG? This is the crucial next step in the process. Your support can help keep this project on track.

The benefits are clear. The Pacific NorthWest LNG project will:

  • Invest $35 billion in crucial infrastructure that will make our province stronger;
  • Create up to 4,500 jobs during construction, plus hundreds of local, long-term jobs which will help keep young B.C. workers in their home towns;
  • Strengthen Canada‚Äôs ability to be a supplier of choice for energy around the world; and
  • Get clean natural gas to new markets and help reduce dependence on coal, ultimately improving environmental performance around the world.

Together, we can help ensure a prosperous economic future for families and businesses in BC. Northern households depend on skilled jobs in the energy industry, and Canada needs these jobs to ensure a prosperous economy and healthy environment go hand in hand.

Ottawa needs to know that British Columbians want to see this project move forward. Please take a minute to send this message to the federal government.


Thank you for standing with us,

Canada's Energy Citizens


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