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Another Successful Arbour Day!



Fort Nelson - The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality hosted another successful Arbour Day Celebration in Fort Nelson. This year’s event was sponsored by BC Hydro and Tree Canada; providing funding for 49 Amur maple trees and 49 Amur maple shrubs. The event was held at Springtime Garden Centre on May 28, 2016 at 10:00am.


Northern Rockies residents braved the rain and snow to line up for a free tree or shrub to plant in their own yard. The event was advertised on a first come, first serve basis, with all plants taken to their new homes before 11:00am. Arbour Day Coordinator Jacquie Biblow was very pleased with the turnout for the event. “We arrived at Springtime Garden Centre an hour before the event and people were already in the parking lot! Even with the terrible weather, people waited in line until we started at 10am to take home their tree. I’m grateful for the help of the volunteers, it wouldn’t have worked out as well without them!”


2016 marked the 5th Annual Arbour Day Celebration in Fort Nelson, and likely won’t be the last. Many residents took to social media to show their thanks and support for the event. The Northern Rockies is thankful to BC Hydro and Tree Canada for providing the funding that made the event possible. Hopefully next year’s event will be equally as successful. 


For questions relating to the Arbour Day Celebration contact:

Jacquie Biblow, Sustainability & Solid Waste Reduction Coordinator

250-774-2541 Ext. 2080


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