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Grant-in-Aid Policy Updated


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        April 28th, 2016

Regional Council Updates Grant-in-Aid Policy


FORT NELSON – At their April 25, 2016 meeting, Regional Council for the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) amended their Grant-in-Aid (GIA) Policy that governs municipal assistance to local non-profit organizations. 

Originally established in 2010, the NRRM’s GIA Policy outlines the process, timeline and criteria for receiving funding or in-kind assistance from the Municipality.  With the downturn in the local economy, Regional Council decided to update the Policy to assist local non-profit groups currently struggling with the loss of other funding sources to continue to provide their essential works and services in the community.

The most significant change to the policy is that instead of the once annually submission deadline for GIA applications, there will now be quarterly submission dates as follows:

  • Oct 31 for first quarter (Jan-Mar) applications
  • Jan 31 for second quarter (Apr-Jun) applications
  • Apr 30 for third quarter (Jul-Sep) applications
  • Jul 31 for fourth quarter (Oct-Dec) applications

Over the past few years it has become clear that the annual submission deadline has been difficult for many groups to meet, especially when events are planned with less than a year’s notice. Council also recognized that many Boards of Directors are comprised of volunteers that can also change annually.

In order to bridge the updated policy into the already completed 2016 GIA application period, Regional Council approved additional grant amounts of $1,600/quarter for the 3rd to 4th quarter of this year; Please note that the the 3rd quarter intake deadline has been extended to June 30th for 2016. 

For more information on the new policy, or to apply for a GIA, check out the NRRM’s GIA webpage or contact the NRRM Corporate Services Department at 250-774-2541.

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