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Grant-in-Aid Reminder

Every year the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality provides assistance to local non-profit groups providing valuable services to the community through its Grant-in-Aid program.  For more information on this program, please see the Grant-in-Aid webpage.

Earlier this year, Regional Council updated the Grant-in-Aid Policy to make it more flexible for community groups to access grants in these tough economic times.  The key change to the policy is that instead of one annual intake deadline, requests are now accepted on a quarterly schedule as set out below:

Quarterly intakes:  Deadline for applications is 60 days prior to the Quarter the event is scheduled to be held:

1st Quarter (Jan-Mar) Oct 31
2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun) Jan 31
3rd Quarter (Jul-Sep) Apr 30
4th Quarter (Oct-Dec) Jul 31

For example, if your event is being held between January 1, 2017 and March 31, 2017 your application must be in before October 31, 2016. You can submit your application at any time before the deadline, but please clearly indicate on your application form which quarter you are applying for.

It was also recognized that, with 2016 being a transition year for the updated policy, the deadlines would need to be extended.  Therefore, if your group has not already received a Grant-in-Aid for 2016 and you have an eligible event occurring in the last quarter of the year (October-December), you may still submit an application until September 30, 2016.

As funding permits, assistance will be considered based on the following priorities:

  1. Youth Programs/events
  2. Seniors programs/events
  3. Programs/events with a clear benefit to disadvantaged members of the community
  4. Programs/events designed to improve economic, social and/or environmental well-being of the community

There must be a demonstrated financial need to justify the request.  Individual Grant-in-Aid allocations will be to a maximum amount of $1,000 and shall be for no more than 1/3 of the anticipated total cost of the event/program.  Please note that applications will NOT be considered for commitments or expenses incurred prior to approval of the grant.

Applications will be considered only for non-profit organizations operating within the community or contributing to the general interest, health and/or welfare of the community in its entirety.

If you have any questions please contact Deputy Corporate Manager Ross CoupĂ© at 250-774-2541 ext. 2032 or  

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