Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Vandalism in Demonstration Forest

Sometime between June 3rd & 5th, vandalism took place at the Demonstration Forest, a space enjoyed by the whole community, including families, individuals and school groups.  The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is extremely disappointed to see such disregard for public property, especially in such a beautiful park space.  Municipal staff have worked hard all day to return this to a space that is safe and welcoming for residents and visitors.  The below image shows the vandalism before and after the clean-up. 


The RCMP have been notified and are gathering evidence as part of their investigation in hopes of holding the involved parties responsible.  If you have any information about this vandalism, please contact the RCMP directly at 250-774-2700. Remember, we are all ultimately owners of the Demonstration Forest and other public spaces around the community.

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