Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

RFP: Invasive Plant Management Contract

The Northern Rockies Invasive Plant Committee (NRIPC) invites proposals from persons and companies specializing in invasive plant management within northeast British Columbia.  The NRIPC goal is to prevent further degradation of ecosystems by invasive plants and to rehabilitate ecosystems that have been degraded by invasive plants within the Fort Nelson Invasive Plant Management Area (FN IPMA). This will be implemented by applying the NRIPC 2014 Strategic Plan and Profile to manage existing invasive plant (IP) sites; IP sites identified by the NRIPC stakeholders and the public during the season; conducting inventory of potential IP sites; monitoring treatments; integration and coordination of awareness work; data entry into the Invasive Alien Plant Program (IAPP); working cooperatively with First Nations and other partners fielding their own crews; and, end of season summary report. Contractors report directly to the Fort Nelson IPMA Coordinator. One contract will be awarded by NRIPC for IP management within the FN IPMA. 

Close Date & Time: May 14, 2015 at 2:00pm Local Time

For more information on this opportunity, please check out the NRRM's RFP & Tender webpage or contact:

Katherine Capot-Blanc
Co-Chair NRIPC Steering Committee
Phone: (250) 774-6313

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