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NRRM Open Letter to Community

Recreation Centre Phase III and NRRM Staffing 

 At the Monday, January 26th 2015 Regional Council meeting, Council considered Admin Report #10/15 that presented staffing requirements for the opening of Phase III of the Recreation Centre. Due to the downturn in the economy, Council resolved to not hire 2.5 full time equivalent (FTE) additional lifeguards or 1.5 FTE slide attendants at this time.
NRRM staff were directed to bring back a report on options and models for reduced operations in the new facility; i.e, 77 hours per week staff scheduling for the pool and 10 hours weekly for the water slide, prior to any final decisions being made on Customer Service Clerks and Building Service Workers.

At this meeting a few citizens brought concerns to Council about hiring additional staff during a downturn in global economy and criticized Council and staff for spending tax payers’ dollars recklessly. Some citizens offered opinions that the NRRM should be run like a business with significant cuts being made to staffing and services during times of economic decline. Regional Council wants to dispel the myths and allegations that are circulating in the community by email and social media about uncontrolled spending and staff not being aligned with decisions of Council. These rumours are simply not true. Annual budgets are approved by Council and staff are tasked with making operational decisions to deliver programs and services on behalf of the NRRM and under the overall policy direction of Council.

 Council carefully considers their annual budgets, and evaluates all funding allocations through the lens of fiscal responsibility. Always measured, are the impacts of municipal decisions on the Northern Rockies community. Council’s directives and decisions made on January 26th validate and support that principle. For example, ad-hoc cutting of budgets and going outside the strategic plan could have unintended consequences of jeopardizing funding from the long awaited Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement with the Province, and reducing services that are in high demand.

As fiscal prudence is of increased importance, on Tuesday February 3rd, Regional Council directed staff to investigate options for reducing municipal spending and to tighten budgets which will be presented for consideration at the April 11&12 Budget Meetings.

 Regional Council also wishes to advise that contrary to rumours that are circulating in the community, as of this time, Council has NOT implemented a hiring freeze.

Regional Council will be holding a special meeting open to the public on March 23rd at 5:00pm to review staffing and scheduling options for the Aquatic Centre. 


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