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NRRM Pilots Tree Watering Bags to Help With the Heat




Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM)

 Pilots Tree Watering Bags to Help With the Heat

 You may see these tree bags around town and be wondering what they are.

The increase in summer temperature poses challenges to keep up with watering services throughout the municipality, especially for newly planted trees.  To help address this issue, the NRRM is piloting tree watering bags for newly planted trees along the community trail and at the Northern Rockies Regional Recreation Centre. The bags hold 20 gallons of water that is dispersed over a five hour period, allowing the water to soak deeply into the root system, preventing evaporation. The bags are a water efficient method for tree hydration and only require one weekly fill.


This year’s Arbour Day celebration included the planting of 60 Schubert Cherrytrees along the community trail as part of the beautification process of Fort Nelson. Tree watering bags aid in their chances of survival and are reusable for future projects. The Recreation Centre will also be piloting the bags to reduce their overall water consumption.

The NRRM will be piloting bags on 15 newly planted trees.  If this project proves successful; it will be expanded to have a water bag available for every newly planted tree.

For detailed information regarding the tree watering bags, visit:



Jacquie Johnston

Sustainability & Solid Waste Reduction Coordinator

250-774-2541 ext. 2050

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