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News Release-Youth Sustainability Garden in Fort Nelson



June 19, 2015

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality




Youth Sustainability Garden in Fort Nelson


FORT NELSON – The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) is building a Youth Sustainability Garden in Fort Nelson. The garden will act as an education centre to teach children registered in the summer fun program about gardening, food security, water conservation, and composting.  


The NRRM Sustainability & Solid Waste Reduction Coordinator will be visiting the program on a weekly basis to provide environmental education and hand on learning opportunities for participants. Youth will gain practical knowledge around each subject, acquiring gardening skills from seeding through harvesting.


The development of the garden will bring an entirely new level of education to summer programming offered through the municipality. “One of the best places to start with education is with children,” said Northern Rockies Mayor Bill Streeper. “The Youth Sustainability Garden will be a great place for youth to develop practical skills around growing organics, while creating awareness regarding the importance of food security. It is nice to know these practices will be passed along to the next generation.”


The project would not have been possible without local support from Soles Salvage Ltd, Springtime Garden Centre and Gourmet Girl, who all made donations of goods and services to support the project.


Plans are underway to develop programming opportunities through this garden in the future.  



Media Contact:


Jacquie Johnston

Sustainability & Solid Waste Reduction Coordinator

250-774-2541 ext. 2050

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