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April 9, 2015


Northern Rockies Interactive Kiosk

In 2014, the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality began a project of collecting and showcasing historic, cultural, and environmental information in an interactive touch screen kiosk to be housed at the Visitor Centre.  The project is now complete thanks to the support of the Fort Nelson Historical Society, the Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Nelson Public Library.  The project was made possible due to partial funding from Destination BC and the Northern BC Tourism Association.


Many tourists have indicated that they want to learn about the history and culture of the area.  This kiosk will be available year round and will provide another outlet for historical and cultural information during the off-season when accessibility to more rural adventures and some of the area’s more unique cultural assets is limited. As technology becomes a more central part of everyday life, people are drawn to using electronic and digital means to enhance their experience.  This kiosk will provide visitors with information not readily found and promote the already existing tourism activities in the area. This serves as an additional means of engaging people to connect them with the area and encourage them to spend more time and money while in the Northern Rockies.


Residents are invited to stop by the Visitor Centre to try the new kiosk out and test your knowledge of Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies.  Whether you know it all or not at all, make sure to put your name into the Kiosk Kickoff Prize.


For more information, contact Northern Rockies at 250-774-2541 or email


Krista testing her knowledge on the new interactive kiosk!


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