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Idle-less October is back in Fort Nelson

Those who choose not to idle their vehicles this October will be rewarded. Idle-less October is back in Fort Nelson, with sweet treats being left on the windshields of parked non idling vehicles. The idle fairy will be in action throughout the entire month of October, handing out treats with “Thank-you for not idling!” labels. It is the second year the campaign has run in Fort Nelson, a cause the Regional Municipality supports in conjunction with their Community Energy Management Plan. The municipality has set a goal of 15% per capita reduction by 2030, over 2007 levels. 
Vehicles left to idle are not only wasting fuel, but are increasing unnecessary C02 emissions and contributing to climate change. The best way to warm up your vehicle is to drive it. More than 30 seconds of idling can be more harmful as the fuel is not fully combusted when a vehicle is idling outside of its peak operating temperature. This fuel residue builds up on the cylinder walls and can also contaminate the engine oil, which can reduce its ability to lubricate.

Places residents are most likely to idle their vehicles in Fort Nelson:
• Warming up their car in cold weather
• Post Office
• Grocery Store 
• Drive-Thru
• Construction Zones

Challenge yourself to idle-less this winter and become a part of the solutution.

Jacquie Biblow
Sustainability & Solid Waste Reduction Coordinator
250-774-2541 ext. 2050

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