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Forestry Rejuvenation Project Update

The current Regional Council has re-endorsed the long-standing position that, in the interests of supporting a diverse and sustainable regional economy, timber harvested in the NRRM should be processed here. It stands in opposition to the transportation of unprocessed fiber outside of the region. This position is embodied as a priority in Regional Council’s current Strategic Plan. Under current arrangements however, the NRRM has no direct influence over the export of wood fiber from within its jurisdiction.

Northern Rockies Regional Council reaffirmed its position at its December 14th meeting. Furthermore, Regional Council stated its intent to communicate to Canfor Corporation that, while the NRRM is willing to discuss measures which it could support to create activity in the region’s forests, it unequivocally opposes the logging program that the company has planned for an area near Prophet River this winter.

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Northern Rockies Regional Council believes that it is important to keep the public informed on past and ongoing efforts to re-establish a sustainable forest industry in the NRRM. 


To this end, it has provided this information, and is committed to having it updated regularly.


For background information on the Rejuvenation Project mandate and background, as well as the Forestry Roundtable Committee, please see the Forestry Rejuvenation Project webpage.


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