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Rotary Play Space Tiles


Attention Recreation Centre Patrons:

We would like to relay some important information regarding the condition of the tiles hung in the Rotary Play Space. Due to some of the artwork on the tiles being rubbed off, it was imperative that a protective sealant be placed over the tiles to prevent further damage. During this process we realized that due to the different decorative mediums used to create the tiles, some tiles were unfortunately damaged from the protectant.

 We appreciate and recognize the care and effort put into making these great pieces of artwork and we apologize for not being able to keep them in the condition that they were submitted. To remedy this, everyone with a damaged tile will have the opportunity to pick up a new tile from the customer service desk in the Recreation Centre. These tiles can be redecorated and returned to the customer service desk no later than 8:45pm on November 30th. In the meantime, we are working to install a protective cover over the existing tiles to ensure no further damage is done. If you have any questions at all, please call the Operations Supervisor at 250-774-2541 ext 2085. We thank you for your cooperation.

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