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Request for Quotes - Public Works HVAC Installation

Request for Quotes: Public Works Shop - HVAC Installation


Attention all local Plumbing & Heating Contractors.

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is inviting you to provide a lump sum quote for all materials, supplies, labour, equipment (except the HVAC unit itself) and costs associated with the installation of an HVAC Unit in the Public Works Shop. 

For more information, and to get a copy of the plans, please contact:

Darrell Gustafson
Public Works Manager
Phone: 250-774-2541 Ext. 2093


Quotes must include your contact name, company name, contact information and a cost for the supply of all goods and services required.  This information must be submitted to Darrell Gustafson by 2:00pm on Friday, August 14, 2015.


You can visit our website at

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