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News Release: Northern Development Funds Arts, Culture and Sport in the NRRM

Northern Development Funds Arts, Culture and Sport in the
Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Centres for Arts, Culture and Sport in Fort Nelson will receive some long-awaited improvements this Fall thanks to Northern Development’s (NDIT) Community Halls and Recreation Facilities Program.  An upcoming season of sport and culture will be greatly enjoyed in the form of a Curling Rink chiller replacement and replacement of seating at the Phoenix Theatre.

“Since opening in 1992, the Phoenix Theatre has been home to the community’s big screen, live concerts, dance recitals, dinner theatre and community theatre productions.  Replacing the original seats is long overdue says theatre manager John Roper. “With movable arm rests and a more modern size, these new seats will allow more people to comfortably take advantage of the services the Phoenix Theatre has to offer” says Roper. “They will allow the Theatre to host new events such as double features or trilogies, in addition to our standard programing."

Replacing the Curling Rink chiller has a number of benefits including increased efficiency (10-15% more energy savings), an indefinite lifespan with less overall maintenance, and a smaller size with up to 80% less ammonia charge, making it much safer than conventional shell and tube designs.  At the end of its 20-year life, the existing chiller was on the verge of failure and could mean lengthy disruptions should something happen mid-season. The new chiller will be installed in and in-service for the 2015 curling season.

“We want to build a community that has first-class recreation and culture opportunities, because we know that is what attracts families and makes a community a desirable place to live” says Mayor Bill Streeper, who is also a member of Northern Development’s board of directors. “Making sure that our recreation and other assets are well-maintained is all part of the bigger picture.”

 “Part of Northern Development’s goal is to ensure the communities of our region are attractive places to call home. The upgrades to the Phoenix Theatre and Northern Rockies curling rink will help ensure Fort Nelson’s residents and visitors continue to enjoy a great quality of life,” said Evan Saugstad, Chair, Northern Development Initiative Trust

Monies granted to the Curling Rink and Phoenix Theatre projects through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities Program amount to a total of $60,000.  In 2015, the NRRM will have successfully leveraged a total of $143,000 in grants made available through NDIT’s various programs.

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