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Grant-in-Aid Applications for 2016



 GIA Application Process

Regional Council’s Grant-in-Aid (GIA) application period is now open.  In order to facilitate the fair and timely processing of GIA requests, all applications must be submitted in writing to the Corporate Services Department using GIA Request Forms and include a clear, detailed budget showing anticipated revenues and expenses.

GIA requests must be submitted on an annual basis by December 1st, in order to be considered by Council at a meeting in January. At their sole discretion, Council may defer decision on all or some of the applications until the annual budget meeting or until further in the year.

 As funding permits, assistance will be considered based on the following priorities:

  1. Youth programs/events
  2. Seniors programs/events
  3. Programs/events with a clear benefit to disadvantaged members of the community
  4. Programs/events designed to improve economic, social and/or environmental well-being of the community

There must be a demonstrated financial need to justify the request.  Individual Grant-in-Aid allocations will be to a maximum amount of $1,000 and shall be for no more than 1/3 of the anticipated total cost of the event/program.  Please note that applications will NOT be considered for commitments or expenses incurred prior to approval of the grant.

Applications will be considered only for non-profit organizations operating within the community or contributing to the general interest, health and/or welfare of the community in its entirety.

GIA applications packages can be downloaded from the Northern Rockies website or picked up from the Municipal Offices.

If you have any questions regarding the Grant-in-Aid application process, please contact Deputy Corporate Manager Ross Coupé at 250-774-2541 or

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