Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Unexpected BC Hydro Bill Increases

Regional Council and staff are aware of concerns currently being expressed by community members regarding  significant and unexpected increases in their monthly BC Hydro bill.  To that end, we are in the process of initiating communication with BC Hydro regarding these concerns.

In the meantime, BC Hydro has a list of tips available online for understanding and managing a higher than expected bill.  One neat tool available from BC Hydro is an Appliance & Lighting Calculator that provides a "quick and easy rundown" of the energy you use.

In visiting BC Hydro's website, we recommend that you create and then log in with a MyHydro Profile as it allows you to monitor your own electrical use in real time. One experiment that can be conducted in logging in, involves recruiting friends and family to help with unplugging and the plugging back in various items around the house while you monitor how your usage changes. 

Don't forget to investigate how much electricity is being used to keep your vehicles warm!

To discuss your bill with a BC Hydro Customer Service Representative, call: 1(800) 224-9376

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