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The Curbside Collection Carts are Coming!

In anticipation of our Spring 2014 start date for curbside residential solid waste collection, the NRRM has placed our order for 240 litre IPL carts for residential use. This decision to order the carts was made at the December 9, 2013 Regional Council meeting where Mayor and Council reviewed the cart research, costing information, and recommendations that had been conducted and made by NRRM staff.

This is the IPL Cart - Click here for more cart specific information from the manufacturer.

The carts are expected to arrive in late February, and in anticipation of their arrival the NRRM will be planning a series of fun and interactive cart familiarization and garbage collection activities to be held throughout the month of March 2014. So stay tuned!

If you would like to learn more about the proposed curbside collection system that will be starting Spring 2014, please review the Collection Systems Report that was recently approved by Mayor and Council.  In line with this report, residential collection services will be a weekly service provided through a third party contractor. A public tender process for providing this service will be conducted early in the new year.

Continue to watch our website for more information. Please also visit our FilePro site to find meeting minutes of prior discussions on curbside collection. If you have any question about the curbside collection carts, the service tender, or collection in general please call the NRRM at: (250) 774-2541.

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