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Notice of Upcoming Traffic Flow and Signage Changes

The NRRM wishes to notify residents of some upcoming traffic flow changes. These changes are a result of a study that the NRRM conducted in 2012 with ICBC. Our streets and roads were assessed to identify areas where we could improve traffic flows and pedestrian safety. Recommendations were then made and approved by Regional Council which included changes in signage, traffic lane marking, traffic flows, and improvements to street lighting. Many improvements have been occurring over the past 12 months, and the following four changes will begin Monday December 9th and will be completed that week.

1) In the Industrial Subdivision, all stop signs will be removed from key avenues (46th, 48th, and 49th) and will be replaced with stop signs along the intersecting streets.
Justification: Stop sign layout should be consistent. 
NOTE: Current signage on the corner of 49th Avenue and 54th Street will be retained to provide for Fire Department response.
Map of Impacted Area - Opens in New Window
2) A stop sign will be installed where 52nd Avenue East cul-de-sac intersects with 40th Street (West bound).
Justification: Minimal housing on the cul-de-sac (dead end) should yield to the higher flows of traffic.
Map of Impacted Area - Opens in New Window

3) All yield signs will be removed from Residential Areas and replaced with stop signs. Impacted areas include: 57th Ave W (2), Maxhammish (1), 41st St (4), Poplar Ave (1), 40th St (1), Cottonwood (1), Aspen (1), Willow (1), Tamarack (2).
Justification: Residential areas hold children, bicycle traffic, pets and family type activities. Drivers should stop at intersections to enhance their line of sight and reduce potential for collision.
Map of Impacted Area - Opens in New Window

4) 51st Avenue West between Simpson Trail and 54th Street will become a one-way Street flowing from Simpson Trail toward 54th street. Angle parking will exist on both sides of the street from Simpson Trail to the first plaza entrance.
Justification: Decrease congestion during rec centre events.
Map of Impacted Area - Opens in New Window
Please call the NRRM Public Works department at (250) 774-2541 if you have any questions or concerns.

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