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The Recreation Complex Does Its Part!

With a host of combined efforts, spearheaded by NEAT – the Northern Environmental Action Team, Rosenau Transport, G&B Homesteads, and Bird Construction, the Recreation Centre successfully recycled 12 pallets of bundled cardboard, and a number of bags of additional waste plastic and packing materials. Squirreling away all of the excess cardboard that came wrapped around building materials, furniture, and equipment for the new Recreation Centre took the concerted efforts of Bird Construction, the Visitor Centre Staff, and most importantly the Recreation Staff over the past number of months.

NEAT's Liz Biggar and Christina Conrad, with some support from G&B Homesteads, Mark Dyer, and the Recreation Staff bundled, squashed, and stacked 12 pallets of cardboard and numerous bags of additional material into the 28' pup trailer generously donated by Rosenau Transport, filling it from stem to stern. 

The cardboard collection and recycling project was undertaken as a pilot to see what amount of recyclable waste is generated over the course of a large construction project. The success of initiatives such as this serve to support the development of future recycling programs in the community.

The materials will be hauled to Fort St. John's Eco-Depot Recycling Centre for recycling. The Eco-Depot Recycling Centre has been in operation since March 2007, initially providing recycling collection and processing services in Fort St. John. The Eco-Depot now manages the recycling program for the entire Peace River Regional District and has a variety of programs set-up to encourage recycling in the region. In Fort St. John alone, cardboard accounts for 120,836 tonnes of material recycled annually.

Diverting recyclable waste from the NRRM's landfill, and working with partners such as NEAT, and other supporting private sector representatives ensures that the life of the landfill is prolonged, the impact on the earth is a little lighter, and supports the notion that we all have a responsibility to do our part. Thank you to all of those that provided your assistance!

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