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OCP Off to Great Start

Mayor & Council would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in the Kitchen Table Workbooks; one of the tools being utilized in updating our Official Community Plan (OCP). The OCP is the document which outlines the collective vision, goals, objectives, and policies for the Community with regard to land use, future growth and development -- your participation and feedback IS important!

The Workbook responses were presented to Council at a meeting dedicated to reviewing the comments and feedback received from over 196 members of the Community. “It was exciting to see that so many people took the time out of their day and participated in this exercise. The comments received were sincere and direct. They are appreciated, they are important, and they will be considered throughout the process of updating our Official Community Plan.” ~ Mayor Bill Streeper

The next opportunity to come out and participate is the Public Workshop and Open House scheduled for Saturday, March 12th. “We know that dedicating time to these types of exercises can take away from time with your family, but this is our opportunity to ensure we are creating the right vision for where our families live, work and play.” ~ Mayor Streeper

For more information on the Workshop, Open House, or to view the Summary Report and Spreadsheet of all Kitchen Table Workbook responses received, please visit our Official Community Plan Page, or contact the Municipal Office at 250-774-2541.


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