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Mayor advances Housing and Local Employment Proposals

Mayor Bill Streeper advanced the Regional Council's proposal for housing and increased local employment at meeting last week with the Honorable Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation and with the 11 major companies that make up the Horn River Producers Group.

Mayor Streeper said “We received a very positive initial reaction from the Horn River Basin Producers companies as they see potential benefits to their operations if processing and production jobs are deemed local” and filled by employees that live in our community. Naturally the key driver is that companies would have to develop housing and recruitment programs to make this work. We are prepared to partner with the industry on development of the necessary subdivisions and services …however we also realize that our first job as a municipality will be to upgrade the community infrastructure so we can retain and attract families and employees”

Mayor Bill Streeper meets the Horn River Basin Producers Group on May 10th to discuss housing and local employment

“This will not happen overnight” cautioned the Mayor “we will have to develop partnership agreements with both Industry and the Province however building a stable shale gas development is in everyone shared interest”

“We had a very positive meeting with Minister Pat Bell who expressed great interest in our proposals given the potential for increasing BC Jobs and the corresponding revenue growth to the Province” stated Mayor Streeper

The Mayor concluded by saying “the Regional Council is determined to develop a full range of services and facilities for our growing community and to do so in a planned and orderly manner…our housing and local employment initiatives are key elements in that process.”

Mayor Streeper and MLA Pimm discussing housing and local jobs on with the Honorable Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation.

The Housing and Employment proposals will be advanced in a series of meetings and discussions with both industry and province over the next number of months that could result in a totally new approach to resource development where both industry and the province move away from the fly in fly out business model that has predominated major resource development for a number of decades.


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