Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Community Trail Damage

The Community Trail surrounding Fort Nelson is an important recreational asset which helps promote healthy living in our community. Unfortunately this asset is under threat.

A small number of people on ATVs and dirt bikes have been spraying gravel onto the pathway and digging ruts into the sides of the trails, progressively undermining the pavement. We are concerned that this damage will eventually destroy a valuable and popular community investment. The Municipality is spending an increasing amount of time and resources to fix the damage, but ongoing motorized use quickly erodes any remediation.

It is also important to note that the Community Trail is intended solely for non-motorized uses, such as walking, running, and biking; uses which cannot safely co-exist on the same trail as dirt-biking and four-wheeling.

Regional Council encourages all residents who witness any destruction of the trails to please forward your observations, concerns or pictures of the offenders to Council would also appreciate any ideas or suggestions residents may have to help the municipality find an acceptable balance for the co-existence of motorized and non-motorized outdoor activities in and around Fort Nelson.


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