Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Bear Response Program Recognized

FORT NELSON – The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality was congratulated today by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Conservation Officer Service for its continued financial and community support of the Fort Nelson “Bear Response Program”. A certificate of appreciation was presented to the Northern Rockies Mayor Bill Streeper recognizing the Municipality for contributing to a reduction in human-wildlife conflicts, and increasing education and compliance related to the management of wildlife attractants.

In this photo from left: Jeff Ginter, Barry Farynuk, Mayor Streeper, Micah Kneller, and Nathan Smienk

Since the initiation of the Bear Response Program, a partnership signed in August 2008, there has been a significant decline in bear-human conflict complaints. Mayor Streeper acknowledged this saying that “the change has been fantastic.”

Barry Farynuk, Chief Superintendent of the BC, Conservation Officer Service praised the “Bear Response Program” stating that “We can safely say that we are having an impact”.

Both Mayor Streeper and the Conservation Officers acknowledged that working collaboratively on this venture contributed to its success.

Bears are very active at this time of year, especially in the next few weeks prior to hibernation. Be sure to be “Bear Aware” and keep on top of all wildlife attractants. Contain all garbage in secure containers and keep it out of reach, be sure to remove ripe or fallen fruit on any fruit trees, and keep barbeques clean.

If you have any queries, or you need to report a bear sighting please call 250-774-BEAR (2327)

Report all Poachers and Polluters – 1-877-952-7277 (24 hours) 

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