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Volunteers Needed!

The Vancouver Airport calls their army of volunteers the “Green Coats”. Many of them sporting grey hair and sharing tremendous pride in Vancouver and British Columbia. The Calgary Airport calls their army of volunteers the “White Hats”; their enthusiasm and desire to go the extra mile giving them the distinction of being one of the friendliest airports in the world!

The 2011 BC Oil & Gas Conference is looking for their very own army of volunteers. A mix of friendly locals junior and senior, who are willing to give a few hours of time in exchange for the opportunity to share some Northern Rockies hospitality!

The organizing committee is looking for volunteers to fill a variety of roles including: shuttle drivers, hospitality, food and beverage, session monitoring, and airport greeters. All volunteers will be invited to sit in on the Rex Murphy presentation on September 7th. Volunteering is an ideal way for local business to sponsor the event. Send an employee down for the day as a volunteer!

We have a list started already – we would love to add your name to it! If you are interested in volunteering for the 2011 BC Oil & Gas Conference, contact Judy Kucharuk at 250-784-4237 or email

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