Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Northern Rockies Flag Flown in Afghanistan

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is honored to have our flag flying in Afghanistan and to be represented by Master Seaman Roxanne Kind.

Roxanne was born in Kamloops, BC and spent the first few years of her life in Fort Nelson before relocating with her family to Calgary, Alberta.  Throughout the summers of her childhood she often visited her grandmother who resides in Fort Nelson.  We are proud that Roxanne calls Fort Nelson her hometown.

Roxanne Kind joined the Canadian Forces in 2000 shortly after graduating from  high school and set out to complete Basic Training in St Jean, Quebec.  After completing Basic Training she was sent to Borden, Ontario where she further completed her QL3's (Basic Cooking Qualification).  Roxanne muses about her basic cooking qualifications, "I learned a lot as I always thought cooking only entailed making Perogies and eating store bought apple pie."  Roxanne was then posted at the Air Force base of 4 Wing in Cold Lake, Alberta where she would spend the next 31/2 years.  During this time she also served a 6 month tour to CFS Alert.

In 2004 Roxanne Kind was posted to CFB Edmonton Army Base where would meet her husband and thereafter begin a family of her own.  She also went on to serve another 6 month tour to CFS Alert and was promoted to Master Seaman.  In 2008 Ms. Kind received notification that she was being deployed to Afghanistan.  She is currently serving at Camp Nathan Smith, Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team.  Her tour ends in Spring of 2010.


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