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Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway Community Society, a grass-roots tourism destination marketing organization formed of representatives from local governments along the Alaska Highway, is currently working on a nomination to commemorate the Alaska Highway Corridor as a National Historic Site of Canada to help mark the 75th anniversary of the construction of the Highway and the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. While the building of the Highway is already commemorated as an ‘event' and an engineering work of national significance, we are confident that the Alaska Highway Corridor is also a ‘place' of national historic significance. The AHCS is also working cooperatively to undertake parallel and independently funded initiatives:

• The Alaska Highway First Nation Story Collection Project, funded by the North East Native Advancing Society, offers story-collecting training to First Nations;

• The Taylor Memory Project, funded by the District of Taylor, gathers both historical and contemporary stories about Taylor from residents and looks at ways the stories can be told through future exhibits; and

• The Fort St. John Interpretive Planning, funded by the City of Fort St. John to identify an accurate reflection of Fort St. John's story or stories in relation to the Alaska Highway.

For more information about the National Historic Site Nomination, visit the Alaska Highway Community Society website at

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