Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

A Few Good Reasons to Move Here

  • Nonda CreekEnjoy all four seasons; complete with warm, dry summers and crisp, sunny winters. 
  • Explore untouched areas of wilderness and backcountry - by road, by foot, or by trail. 
  • Wander through our unique boreal forest and enjoy a hike or cross-country ski in the Fort Nelson Demonstration Forest
  • Take advantage of our long days of sunlight and enjoy a round of golf at the picturesque Poplar Hills Golf & Country Club

Poplar Hills

  • Envision what it was like to be in Fort Nelson at the beginning of the Alaska Highway construction (a pivotal part of our modern history), by visiting the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum. 
  • Enjoy affordable housing prices - an average single family home is valued at $280,000, or $900/month for a 2-bedroom apartment. 
  • Kick back and relax at Art Fraser Park - have a picnic, tennis match and splash around in the Rotary Spray Park. Rotary Park
  • Enroll your children in swimming, junior golf, soccer, dance, hockey, gymnastics, day camps, figure skating, musical theatre, minor ball...boredom isn’t an option! 
  • Get your cappuccino fix at one of Fort Nelson’s great coffee houses. 
  • Could you use $5,400 extra each year? Enjoy the full Northern Living Allowance at tax time. 
  • Grow almost every fruit and vegetable imaginable - from grapes to cherries to broccoli to potatoes as big as your hand. 
  • Cross the highest and lowest points of the Alaska Highway - in the same day. Muskwa River Bridge, 1000 ft, and Summit Lake at 4,250. 
  • New events and community activities are organized all the time in Fort Nelson - find out what’s new at the Visitor Centre. 
  • Grab a front row seat (literally) for the breathtaking Aurora Borealis - from the comfort of your front porch!
  • Discover the beauty of work-life balance - be in the mountains by supper time Friday, and enjoy your weekends 'unplugged'!

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