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Curbside Pickup

Notice: Placing your Garbage Bin in Winter Conditions

Residential Curbside Solid Waste Pickup is HERE!

An Info Bulletin has been created to express the huge success of the first week of Curbside Collection and to outline some of the struggles. Click here to view the Info Bulletin.

Curbside collection has started and will continue to run weekly. Eligible properties on the west side of Airport Drive will have curbside pickup on Tuesday's and eligible properties on the east side of Airport Drive will have  curbside pickup on Thursday's. Please refer to the information package for more detailed information.


As you start using your solid waste cart, please remember the following:

  • All waste must be bagged before placed in your cart
  • Cart lids need to be kept tightly closed to prevent attracting wildlife
  • Property owners need to ensure that carts are securely stored
  • Carts need to be kept clean to discourage wildlife interaction.

For pickup to be possible your cart needs to be:

  • On a level surface
  • No more than 2 metres from the curb or roadway
  • Allowinig overhead clearance of at least 3 metres
  • With a minimum of 1 metre to the sides and rear

Who to Contact:

Wide Sky Disposals

Residents with questions related directly to curbside pickup service [e.g. missed pickup, etc.] should contact the Wide Sky Disposals.

PH: 250.774.6528

Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Residents requiring information regarding billing, curbside pickup regulations, damaged or additional carts, or similar matters should contact the Regional Municipality.

PH:  250.774.2541

Conservation Officer Service

Residents seeking information or experiencing difficulty regarding interaction with wildlife should contact the Conservation Officer Service.

PH:   250.774.5990 or 1.877.952.RAPP[7277]

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