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Composting and Grasscycling

We Compost!

At town hall we aim to compost all of the organics that are brought into the building!

We use a Naturemill ultra composter to break down our organics and turn them into compost. The Naturemill ultra is an electronic composter that uses heat, mixing and oxygen to break down food before odors develop. It is one of the cleanest and easiest ways to compost. 

Interested? Check out the Carbon Boutique for more information.

We also compost with worms to prevent our office paper from ending up in the landfill. Red wigglar worms are happy to live on an all paper diet and are a great way to compost paper and organics!


Interested in composting?

About 30% of the garbage you are sending to the landfill is organic, compostable waste! Composting organics will create a rich, nutrient dense soil conditioner that helps northern gardens thrive, while saving space in the lanfill! 

Download our brochure for more information!

Northern Composting FAQ's!

Where can I get a compost bin?

Compost bins can be purchased at the local home and garden retailer. If you're feeling crafty, you can build your own!

What can I put in my compost?

Organic Matter! Kitchen waste (veggies & fuits, egg shells, coffee grounds) news paper & yard waste.

What CAN'T I put in my compost?

MEAT! Fish & bones, plastic, metal, fats & oils, dairy products & pet waste.

What about the bears?

A compost pile can be odorous and attract bears, especially if it contains food products. The attraction on bears can be minimized by:

  • Ensure your compost is sealed with a tight fitting lid.

  • Don't add meat, fish or cooked food to your composter.

  • Sprinkle your compost with garden lime. It aids in the composting process and reduces attracting odors.

  • Turn materials often to aerate your compost. Adding oxygen will prevent it from smelling

The NRRM also encourages Grasscycling - which reduces waste and generally promotes natural lawn health. Our Grasscycling Info Sheet also has tips on watering and other lawn health tips.

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