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Like any thriving community, Fort Nelson is challenged to keep up with the demand for housing of all kinds and in all categories. The majority of lands for development are in the hands of BC's Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB); the NRRM and ILMB work collaboratively to ensure new land is opened up as quickly as possible - where and when it is needed.  To see plans for future growth, see Fort Nelson's Official Community Plan.

Currently NRRM staff are working to preempt the potential effects of the Horn River Basin Unconventional Gas Play.  In 2010, a new Residential Housing Strategy was adopted.  An older Housing Profile from 2006 is also available for context. 

Work is underway to better understand Fort Nelson's current inventory, and growth potential.  Currently, there are lots available in Angus II subdivision off of Simpson Trail, and in a new RS-2 subdivision, called Pine Crescent, which is zoned for single family, duplex, modular and mobile homes on the community's east boundary. As well as NRRM-owned lots near the middle of town are available for the right proposal.    

For those looking for rural living options, there is existing property available for everything from small acreage to hobby-farm size, and one small rural residential strata/subdivision nearing completion (directly adjacent to town boundaries). Through the Official Community Plan, plans are underway to release additional rural properties.

For more information on available land, please contact the Community Development and Planning Department.

Fort Nelson Housing Inventory

  • Number of Dwellings: approximately 2317
  • Number of Apartment Units: 435
  • Ratio of owned versus renting: 69% owned, 31% rented
  • Average Rent: $766 Fort Nelson, $828 BC
  • Average Mortgage: $1,193 Fort Nelson, $1,059 BC 


BC Stats 2011 and 2006

Apartment Rental Surveys

Apartment Rental Survey's are performed by the Community Development & Planning Department twice a year. The survey usually encompasses 80% to 100% of available units and includes buildings with four or more legal suites, units renting for a minimum of three months, and does not include single detached, duplexes, mobile homes, rooming houses and motel units. 

Apartment Rental Survey - June 2015

Apartment Rental Survey - January 2015

Realtor & Apartment Rental Contacts

July 2013 Market Stats:

  • 59 Detached Listings
  • 3 Attached Listings
  • 21 Land Listings
Royal LePage - Fort Nelson Realty
Remax / Results Realty
Contact: Sherry Hart
Ph: (250) 774-7653
Fx: (250) 774-6131
Contact: Sandy Shofner
Ph: (250) 774-7411
Anderson Apartments
Frank/Irene Anderson
(7 units) 5315 50th Street
Ph: (250) 774-6465
Aurora Manor
Debbie Muise
(26 units) 5220-49th Street
Crutchley Apartments
Contact Currently Unknown
(4 units) 5224-49th Street
Dingwell Apartments
Gary/Beula Dingwell
(4 units) 5108-52nd Avenue
Ph: (250) 774-2146
Dorothy's Place
(20 Public Housing units)
5228 Airport Drive
Ph: 1-800-667-1235
Fort Hotel Apartments
Bruce Scott
(6 units) 5103-52nd Avenue W.
Ph: (250) 774-6971

Heritage Manor

Marlo Rush

(4 units) 4908 McLeod Rd

Ph: (250) 774-2335

McDougal Hill Towers
Bearbrook Rentals
(24 units) 5204-50th Street
Ph: (250) 774-2126
Mid Town Estates
(4 units) 4620 52nd Ave. East
Ph: (250) 774-2144

Nic Mac Building
Jim & Wendy Young

(4 units) 5012-51st Avenue W.
Ph: (250) 774-2411

Northern Property Real Estate Investment Trust
(282 units within 14 buildings, furnished units also available)
Ph: (250) 774-4475
Parkwood Manor
Bearbrook Rentals
(24 units) 5316 Airport Dr.
Ph: (250) 774-2126
Simpson Apartments
Don Stanek
(4 units) 5411-54th Avenue W.
Ph: (250) 774-2493
Smith Apartments
Harminder Dhillon
(4 units) 5604-50th Street
Ph: (250) 321-8444
Westview Manor
Floyd/Marie Anderson
(14 units) 5504-49th Street

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