Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

A Community Health Plan: Looking to 2020


Working Together

In September 2017, the NRRM, Fort Nelson First Nation, Northern Health, and local health care providers committed to working collaboratively to develop a Community Health Strategy, with important consultation from residents, stakeholders and others. The work was led by leaders from NRRM, Northern Health, Fort Nelson First Nations and local physicians. The intention was to use the ideas of residents and health related organizations, along with previous studies, to create an action plan that will lead to improved health. This document describes the process and the resulting plan in some detail. 

The Community Health Plan document was completed in March, 2018 and will guide work around ensuring the Northern Rockies is a healthy community, in addition to the addressing areas of concern around health services for the next three to five years. The work will continue to be led by a Steering Committee representing the groups listed above. See below for a link to the health plan.

A Community Health Plan: Looking to 2020 

-Gary Ockenden, WithinSight, March 2018

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