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Fire Bans & Restrictions

Especially during the dry summer months, the NRRM is often subject to fire restrictions. To see the current situation, check the BC Wildfire Service bans and restrictions webpage (the NRRM is part of the Prince George Fire Centre).


To see a poster describing the regulations for the various types of open fires click here.


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Open Burning Permits

Residents of Fort Nelson within the Fire Protection Area, who wish to perform open burning, must first acquire a burn permit from the offices of Northern Rockies Fire Rescue. Permits subject to conditions are available free of charge from the Fire Hall front office between 8:00AM and 4:00PM Monday to Friday. 


Northern Rockies Regional Municipality Fire Hall

Address: 5404 48th Ave  Fort Nelson, BC
Office Phone: (250) 774-3955



The Fire Chief or his designate may issue a permit for open air burning of brush, stumps, slash, and light material resulting from the clearing of land and for campfires of eight(8) hours maximum duration, in designated recreational areas & on the conditions that:

  1. Tar, asphalt, shingles, battery boxes, plastic materials or any similar materials which produce heavy black smoke are not used in the fire
  2. Use of oils of grades 4 or lighter used as propellants for open air burning of brush, bush, stumps, or slash & light materials, where such materials are necessary to ignite or sustain the burning shall be to the absolute minimum required and to the satisfaction of the Fire Chief
  3. A competent person is placed & kept at all times in charge or the fire while it is burning or smoldering, and sufficient appliances and equipment are available to prevent the fire from getting beyond control or causing damage and becoming dangerous; and
  4. The burning is authorized by permit under the Waste Management Act or is exempt under the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation.

Please note that, under the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation, no burning of construction material or debris is permitted within the Fire Protection Area.



These regulations do not apply to:

  1. Small & confined fires used for cooking foods, including grills & barbecues
  2. Necessary municipal burning, or
  3. Necessary Fire Rescue Department burning



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