Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Regional Council


Pictured below is the mayor and regional council for the NRRM for the 2018-2022 term. Click for information on individual council members

A municipal council is the governing body of a municipality. It has the authority to make decisions and act for the the municipality, consistent with the purposes of a municipality and its authority and requirements under legislation, bylaws and policies. A municipal council makes decisions collectively, meaning that it is not individual council members but rather the council as a whole, based on a majority vote, that decides and acts for the municipality.

The role of our municipal council is to ensure it provides an accountable process and high-quality services to the community, and responds to the community’s opportunities and concerns as we plan for long-term growth and sustainability. A high-level summary of Council’s responsibilities include:

  • Setting our four-year corporate priorities and strategy
  • Developing, reviewing, approving and amending policies and bylaws, including maintaining and amending our Official Community Plan
  • Planning and maintaining the services and programs provided to our community
  • Establishing and maintain the budget and setting the tax rate
  • Governing staff and managing the effectiveness of the services we provide
  • Representing our municipality as a whole

Our Council is working with our community to balance the many diverse interests through a highly accountable and transparent regulatory and non-regulatory framework. Respectful, informed and inclusive stakeholder and community participation is important to the success of our community development, sustainability and a high quality of life.



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