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Energy & Emissions

Cut back, and be part of the solution!

The Northern Rockies has significant energy needs due to the cold northern climate and rural setting. Energy sources are almost exclusively from fossil fuels, and result in substantial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Northern Rockies has recently developed a Community Energy Management Plan and has a community goal to use energy efficiently and responsibly.


View the Community Energy Management Plan




Business Energy Advisor

The NRRM is working with the BC Hydro Power Smart Program to coordinate a visit with a Business Energy Advisor to have them come to Fort Nelson. The program offers FREE energy assessments to eligible businesses, at no cost to the Municipality. In order to qualify for the service, companies must:

• Have a commercial BC Hydro account that spends less than $200,000 per year on electricity.
• Be interested in making cost effective energy upgrades.
• Note: If a company has multiple commercial accounts, then each account under $200,000 may be eligible. Businesses that have a key account manager are ineligible.

A Business Energy Advisor will conduct a site visit, help local businesses identify saving opportunities and advise on available incentives. They are also able to provide connections with approved contractors and help with the utility incentive process. For example, the current rebates for upgrading incandescent/halogen lights to LED can cover 75% of the cost of the new LED products, which leads to payback periods of 3-4 months (after rebates and savings), and do not require an electrician.

For more information:
P: 250-774-2541 Ext, 2080

Residential Rebates!

There are a number of rebates for energy saving upgrades that NRRM residents can take advantage of!

Home Energy Rebates Offer
Fridge buy-back
Appliance rebate
Get $50 off your hydro bill!

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