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NRRM Wastewater Upgrades

The Northern Rockies Regional Municipality is actively working with the Ministry of Environment and specialized consultants to up-grade our wastewater system.  The existing system is aged and requires upgrades. A base study of the existing system indicated that there are two significant deficiencies, one being the sewer treatment plant requires an extra level of disinfection as per new regulations. The second being the current Outfall location is not adequate as the river channel that the outfall flows into has changed as a result of natural erosion. Both projects are large and costly.

In conjunction with MOE and NRRM priorities it was decided to move forward with the extra level of disinfection at the Sewer Treatment Plant. In the Fall of 2012, a contract was awarded to Grand Construction for the installation of a UV Disinfection system which will meet and exceed our requirements for releasing the wastewater back into the environment.  This method is the most efficient and inexpensive means to achieve our desired outcome at a budget of $1.7M which includes the construction contract and all specialized engineering involved.

The relocation of the existing outfall is extremely expensive as it will require installing a new outfall line from our UV Disinfection plant to the river.  This project is still in the design stage and estimated costs could exceed $10M. NRRM is working diligently with the Ministry of Environment to finalize an acceptable detailed design. NRRM will be seeking funding aid.   

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