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Mosquito Control

D.G. Regan and Associates Ltd., is an environmental services firm staffed by professional biologists that specialize in mosquito population management.  NRRM has been working with this company for many years to implement a program that includes:

  • public education
  • mosquito species surveillance
  • mapping, and
  • environmental sustainable means to control nuisance mosquitoes.

Surveying, monitoring, and larvicide applications will start soon.  Aerial larvicide treatments are anticipated the last week of April - first week of May depending on weather and local conditions. 

Please be aware that while the activities of control staff are not always observed, they are out in the field sampling and applying larvicide to control mosquitoes.

It is important that everyone understand that mosquitoes are a natural part of the environment.  For this reason, and despite the fact that the biological control agent used is extremely effective, no amount of mosquito larvicide application will totally eradicate the mosquito annoyance problem experienced. 

What can you do?

Everyone is urged to assist by:

  • eliminating standing water, particularly any artificial containers such as
    • buckets, discarded tires, water filled boats or other containers and cleaning rain gutters
  • replacing water in bird baths and livestock troughs
  • storing boats, canoes and other objects so they do not collect rainwater
  • installing and maintaining tight fitting window and door screens to help keep mosquitoes out of the home
  • wearing light coloured, loose fitting clothing; and
  • after using your barbeque, moving away from it to enjoy your meal as heat and moisture from barbeques attracts mosquitoes.

If you have known mosquito habitat on your property, and you know that the program biologists have already reviewed it, there is no need to call to report as it will already be in the site database and will be handled by staff over the course of the season.

Misconceptions about Mosquito Control

None of the items identified below have been shown to provide any scientifically valid level of relief from mosquito annoyance:

  • Bug zappers
    • mosquitoes comprise less than 5% of their catch;
    • kill mostly beneficial insects; and
    • the zappers actually attract mosquitoes
  • Insect eating birds
    • ornithologists state that swallows do not prefer mosquitoes; and
    • mosquitoes make up less than 3% of their diet
  • Insect eating bats
    • bat diets consist mainly of beetles, wasps, antis, flies, stoneflies, mayflies, moths and grasshoppers; and mosquitoes make up less than 1% of their diet
    • Mosquito magnets can actually draw mosquitoes into an area to bite humans


DG Regan and Associates Ltd.

Phone toll free:1-800-681-3472 or e-mail at

Please leave your name, address, daytime contact number and identify whether you are reporting annoyance or previously unknown mosquito habitat.  Program control staff will follow-up as field activities allow.

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