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Storm and Drainage Renewal

Drainage Renewal Update - 2017


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 NRRM; Province of BC

Gary Fetterly, Consultant


101 - 10530 117 Avenue

Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7N7

Phone: 250-639-0070

Description:  The Storm and Drainage program defines an annual re-investment into our existing infrastructure to maintain its integrity and sustainability. The program has assessed all storm sewer lines as to age, condition, capacity, material and video footage in order to identify existing condition. Critical areas of concern include those sections of the drainage system that are currently exceeding capacity, in disrepair, or are obstructed. As part of our Asset Management process and a result of the Drainage Master Plan, we have identified a number of areas that require immediate work to deal with critical drainage issues. For 2016, $2.5 million is needed for proactive program-related works as well a series of reactive (historical yet unaddressed) works. Liard Street from 51st Ave to 50th Avenue North will be our main focus as the line is in disrepair and beyond a useful life. This was the only area not addressed during the 2012 Liard Overlay project. In addition, Northern Metallic flooding and 49th Street Drainage insufficiencies have historically caused issue and efforts will be made to reduce or eliminate issues in these areas. In 2017, a firm annual re-investment amount will be identified. Staff will work this season to refine the Storm and Drainage program to identify appropriate service levels and recommendations.

Project Updates:

10 August 2016:

The Liard Street Storm Renewal Upgrade project will replace the failing storm drain at the bottom end of Liard Street (51st Ave to 50th Ave N). On June 16, the Liard Street Upgrades tender closed and the contract for the Liard Street Upgrades contract portion was awarded to Kledo Construction Ltd. at the June 27 Regional Council meeting. Kledo Construction is starting work on Liard Street today to replace the storm water system and there will be intermittent periods of road closures over the next few months.  Please use caution in these areas and respect traffic control devices.  Every attempt will be made to up-date you with road closure specifics they become known.



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