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Toad River Land Development

Budget: $239,000
Funding Sources: 
NRRM; Province of BC
Construction Start Date: 
Type of Work: 
In 2014 Regional Council passed resolutions related to the future development of the Toad River Subdivision lands. This included approval in principle of cost estimates for the design, clearing and road access development of Toad River Subdivison Lands. In late November 2014 the clearing, grubbing and burning of road-side debris piles was completed in preparation for the next phases of the subdivision development and the all-weather access roads into the development was completed using local contractors in August 2015. The 11 Lot Rural Subdivision Plan was registered in the LTO in December 2015. The subdivision development has been delayed at least 8 months from our original target completion due to problems securing an accurate estimate from BC Hydro to complete engineering design work to extend services to the 11 lots. Target installation of hydro services was scheduled for late spring/early summer 2016 and targeted sales to commence during the same period. The 2016 works will secure the final stages in developing the Toad River Subdivision Lands. Land sales were initially targeted to commence in the fall of 2015 but delays with the BC Hydro design and installation cost estimates prevented establishing accurate lot pricing so sales have been delayed until late spring/early summer. Local Toad River residents and interested parties who have contacted NRRM directly have been provided with limited information on the registered subdivision lot layout and sizes and target lot price in the range of $12,000 to $15,000 per acre. Conservatively, projected revenue (est. $300,000) from the sale of the lots is anticipated to offset the project development costs incurred by NRRM. It is anticipated that the future land development in Toad River will be to the benefit of both the community of Toad River and NRRM. All costs associated with this project will be included in the final project development and will be used to establish final lot pricing.

Project Updates: Available as project progresses

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