Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Capital Projects

The NRRM is undertaking a variety of capital projects to support the continued delivery of essential community services.  Projects that will be constructed going forward have been identified through our asset management system, and are part of a 20-year capital program to ensure that funds are spent efficiently and effectively.  Projects span the seven infrastructure categories as summarized below, in addition to land development.

Water System

The water system is responsible for treating and supplying about 5,600 customers with over 460 litres of water per person per day.

Wastewater (Sanitary Sewer) System

The wastewater system closes the loop on what goes down our drains, and often accounts for the highest cost projects.

Stormwater (Drainage) System

Made up of culverts, ditches, catch basin and manholes, the NRRM's stormwater system manages water that is largely weather-related.

Road Network

The NRRM is responsible for approximately 155 kms of roads regionally, including those at the Airport.

Buildings & Facilities

Ranging in age from circa 1970 to 2015, there are over 70 insurable municipal buildings, including everything from pumphouses to airport terminals to recreation centres.


YYE provides essential connectivity to areas beyond, and officially became a municipal asset in 1999.

Land Development

Over 260 hectares have been identified for acquisition spanning the next 20 years for the purposes of residential expansion.

Vehicles & Equipment

Made up of a fleet of approximately 92 units, ranging from snow plows to minivans, fire trucks to lawnmowers.

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