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Asset Management


At its core, asset management is about the effective delivery of essential services to those that live and work within Northern Rockies.


Service delivery is a fundamental driver of the NRRM's Asset Management System, with a current focus on rehabilitating existing infrastructure to ensure a solid foundation upon which the community can grow and prosper. The NRRM has made significant achievements in asset management over the last three years, with a made-in-Northern-Rockies Asset Management System (AMS) now in its first year of implementation.  Establishment of the AMS was catalyzed by the signing of the Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement (IDCA) in 2013, marking an important milestone in committing to service-oriented, full life-cycle infrastructure management across the NRRM.


The AMS is an essential strategic tool for managing community infrastructure, and has been developed to ensure that infrastructure in Fort Nelson and across the region continues to meet the needs of present and future users.  It is adaptable, enabling us to accommodate fluctuating economic circumstances.  The AMS will also ensure a consistent and systematic approach to decision-making.


The System itself is made up of the following components:

  • Asset Management Policy and Framework
  • Asset Management Strategy
  • Three (3) Asset Management Plans encompassing six (6) major infrastructure (or 'asset') categories (including the Airport):
    • Water, Sewer and Drainage Asset Management Plan (March 2015);
    • Building and Facilities Asset Management Plan (August 2015); and
    • Roads Asset Management Plan (March 2014)
  • Asset Information System
  • Asset Management System Handbook
  • Asset Management System Playbook


The AMS has been developed according to provincial, national and international best practices. These best practices emphasize that a successful asset management program encompasses many disciplines and is integrated across the entire organization. 


Established and led by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of staff, with ongoing support from Council, the NRRM is using the AMS to achieve the community vision and fulfill the requirements of the IDCA. The System is designed to support service delivery through all key infrastructure categories


From across British Columbia, the NRRM stands out as a leader in managing community infrastructure.  We have taken a collaborative approach to bring regional stakeholders into partnership, supporting sustainable financing and practices.  The IDCA program is one such example of a successful long term partnership.

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