Northern Rockies Regional Municipality

Electronic Ballot Counting

In 2014 Regional Council amended the local elections bylaw, which significantly altered voting processes in the Northern Rockies by permitting the use of an automatic vote counting system. Under this system, votes are electronically counted using an automated vote tabulator.  You will still fill in your ballot by hand, but will feed the ballot through a tabulator prior to it being deposited in a ballot box.  This system significantly reduces the time it takes the Chief Election Officer to announce the preliminary results of the election.  It is expected that these results will be available within an hour of the polls closing on General Voting Day.  A couple of items of note under this system include:

  • Instead of marking your ballot with an "X", you will now need to shade in oval(s) next to your selected candidate(s).
  • You will receive one ballot containing all election races and referenda questions, instead of multiple, colour coded ballots.
  • If you accidentally spoil your ballot, the electronic vote tabulator will inform you of any errors and give you the opportunity to return the spoiled ballot to the poll clerk so that you can be issued a new one.

For the 2018 election, the Northern Rockies has again contracted with Elections Systems and Software (ES&S) to provide two DS200 Precinct Scanner/Tabulators and associated services. 

For more information on the DS200 tabulators, check out the ES&S website.

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