Northern Rockies Regional Municipality


Danny began logging in Fort Nelson in 1979. In 1983, he and Vera moved to Ft Nelson, and together they have raised 12 children, most of whom are still residing in the NRRM. His grandchildren outnumber his fingers and toes.


Danny has been an active participant in the development of local farmland, and still operates a productive beef cattle farm at McConachie Creek. He takes seriously promoting locally grown food and livestock, and continues to advocate for more serious farming in our region. He is a founding member of the local farmers market, instrumental in developing the community gardens in town, and is delighted to see many local people reignite their gardening desires. Forestry is very important to Danny, and he continues to work for the revitalization or retooling of this industry. Danny believes that though we live in an area with vast resources, the most important resource is people, so to that end he seeks to nurture and maintain good relationships between people and their environment.


Danny’s involvement in the local church has been encouraging to many people and his belief that community health includes meeting physical, social and spiritual needs has served to instruct his choices and actions.


P: 250.774.3024

C: 250.233.2012



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